Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live:

A new feature from quizlet lets you easily set up live interactive quiz games among students in your class

Create your own sets of questions, or use pre-made sets from quizlet.com. A nice easy alternative to Katoot / Socrative / Quizizz

More information here

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Plickers Scoresheet

Plickers Scoresheet:

One of the best free tech resources out there – Plickers – just announced a terrific new feature: Scoresheet

Now track student responses over time and even export data to Excel

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Create beautiful online forms

Teachers can use as surveys, exit slips, or assessments

Students can create surveys for data collection

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A terrific way to create online assessments and assign them to an entire class. Students complete and submit assessments on a computer or tablet. 

Include multiple choice, short answer, and drawings, and grade assessments quickly online. Even upload a PDF you’ve already made and create an assessment from it. 

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An incredible tool to get real-time feedback from every student in your class

Proved each student with a unique code card like this:

Then create multiple-choice questions online, display them on your SmartBoard, and collect responses by having students hold up their code cards and scanning the room with your phone

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