A web whiteboard

A web whiteboard:

A web whiteboard (AWW) is a collaborative online whiteboard

Students and teachers can draw and write on the same “canvas” together in real time. Free and easy to use.

Speech therapists and teachers may want to explore using it do to Carol Gray’s Comic Strip Conversations

Also check out Stoodle – similar, but with some different features

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Easy-to-use “backchannel” text chat platform, with no account required

When using with students, be mindful of drawbacks due to anonymity on the site

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Realtime collaborative text editing – like Google Docs, but with no account or registration required

Create shared text documents that students can collaborate on together in real time

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Easily create an online collaborative whiteboard

No registration or account required – just share the link with students or fellow teachers to collaborate in real time

Created by high school and college students!

There’s a nice intro video on YouTube

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A simple and clean task list website – no account needed

A nice way to create a quick checklist of directions for independent/group work 

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