Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live:

A new feature from quizlet lets you easily set up live interactive quiz games among students in your class

Create your own sets of questions, or use pre-made sets from quizlet.com. A nice easy alternative to Katoot / Socrative / Quizizz

More information here

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Easily create interactive activities for students – choose from cards, sequencing, buckets, or “hotspots” 

Make activities for your students to use on the SmartBoard or class computer, or have older students create their own activities based on information they’ve learned

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A terrific, easy to use app to create your own educational games using photos and images from your iPad

Teachers can create interactive games, or students can create their own games


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Mission US

Mission US:

Students can play interactive games about the Revolutionary War, slavery, and westward expansion

Available on any computer or as an iPad app

Mission US

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