Easily create and record whiteboard lessons, with voiceover

Very simple, user-friendly interface

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A nice site to help you design flyers, reports, brochures, etc. Very user-friendly.

Free account with a school email address


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TEACHER TIP: Google Slides easy formatting

Do you use Google Slides for lessons, but don’t have time for fancy formatting? Use the new Explore feature to easily add images and format slides

Add your text to the slide

Click the Explore icon in the lower righthand corner:

Search for images related to your content; click to add them to the slide


Click the back arrow to explore recommended layouts; click to change the layout


More information and tips at FreeTech4Teachers

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Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark:

Create beautiful short web pages, animated videos, and social media images 

Simple, intuitive interface to make stunning visual digital products – for teachers to create for lessons, or to have students use for final projects

Available as website or iPad app 

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