An easy free URL shortener from Google. Copy and paste a long link and get a shortened link, so that something like this:

becomes this:

More information about using at FreeTech4Teachers

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TEACHER TIP: Google Slides easy formatting

Do you use Google Slides for lessons, but don’t have time for fancy formatting? Use the new Explore feature to easily add images and format slides

Add your text to the slide

Click the Explore icon in the lower righthand corner:

Search for images related to your content; click to add them to the slide


Click the back arrow to explore recommended layouts; click to change the layout


More information and tips at FreeTech4Teachers

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TEACHER TIP: Speech-to-text dictation on a Mac

Have a student struggling with handwriting, and even typing is laborious? 

If using a Mac, you can have students dictate their writing to any program (Word, Google Docs, etc.)

Turn on the dictation feature by going to System Preferences: Dictation & Speech

Then when ready to dictate, hit the Function (fn) key twice, and start speaking.

Students can dictate their essay or story or journal entry, and then do edits and revisions on the computer. 

More details are available from Apple’s Support Page on dictation.

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Ever want to type that copyright symbol or a check box into a document but can’t figure out how? 

Visit, search for the symbol you want, click it to copy, and then paste it into your Word document or PowerPoint presentation

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VLC media player

VLC media player:

VLC is a free media player for any type of computer that can play almost any video file

Great to have for playing videos downloaded from YouTube or when transferring videos from your home computer to work


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